PowerGenius monitors the power being used in a home or business and will automatically switch controlled appliances on or off, or dial back the amount of power going to an appliance, to maximise the use of solar power and minimise energy costs.  If there is solar power available PowerGenius will prioritise solar generated power when it is available.  If there is no solar power available it will try to operate appliances when the lowest rates are available.  The appliance control parameters can be adjusted to suit the times you need appliances to operate within and the best available electricity rates. PowerGenius works best with appliances that use a lot of power that do not have to run at a specific time such as hot water cylinders, heating and cooling systems, spa pools and pumps.  PowerGenius can also be configured to work without solar if you wish to operate appliances at times when you receive lower electricity rates from your retailer. There is also a Genius Monitor option which provides the detailed energy data and dashboard application without the appliance control and solar optimisation.  Your energy data can be used to inform how many solar panels would best fit your households or to alter your energy use behaviour to save money.

Simply, PowerGenius is smarter. Timers will switch appliances on and off at set times, usually, there is only one available option for on and off. Diverters will divert excess solar energy to your hot water cylinder.  PowerGenius constantly monitors the energy being used by your home and the energy generated by your solar system and the energy being drawn from the grid. By doing this PowerGenius can make adjustments in seconds to ensure solar energy is prioritised and energy is constantly distributed in the most effective way possible. Rather than just sending solar energy to your hot water when it’s available, PowerGenius is able to dial the amount of energy sent to the cylinder up or down based on the temperature of the water and the energy available. This means PowerGenius can help you utilise up to 95% of your solar energy by controlling the operation of a number of household appliances.

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No.  If you do not have a solar system you can still benefit from PowerGenius monitoring by better understanding your energy use and making adjustments to your behavior to save money.  If you are thinking of investing in solar, the energy use data from PowerGenius monitoring will help you and your solar installer make a more informed decision about what size system you should install.

PowerGenius provides a number of opportunities to save on your power bill.  The amount of money saved will vary depending on the type of PowerGenius system you have and your goals. The system has been designed to optimise solar energy utilisation within your home, reducing the need to draw on mains power and saving you money on your power bill. In some places, governments pay high Feed-In Tariffs for excess solar energy fed into the grid.  If you have one of these tariffs, PowerGenius can actually be configured to promote solar export over self-consumption. PowerGenius also offers a Monitoring only option which gives you all of the energy use data but not the automated appliance control.  With this option, you can use the energy data to make behavioural changes to your energy use to save you money.  You can also use this option if you don’t already have solar panels installed and need to know more about your use to decide what size solar system will be best for your home. You can upgrade to appliance control from Monitoring at any time.

PowerGenius consists of electrical components that need to be installed in a switchboard and therefore requires a registered electrician to install them.  Due to the nature of our product, we also require that components are installed by a certified PowerGenius Installer who have completed our training program.  Depending on the type of system you are having installed, the hardware will be installed in the switchboard, connected to your home wifi router and attached to the appliances intended to be controlled.  In most situations, the appliance controllers are installed in places where they won’t be highly visible, in the hot water cupboard for instance.

PowerGenius must be installed by a registered electrician and certified PowerGenius Installer who has completed the PowerGenius Installation training.  Once the base system is installed, there may be additional components that may be installed by the customer, with the support of PowerGenius, which require being plugged in only.

There is a three-year warranty on all hardware.

Please notify us if you intend to move home. You can take PowerGenius with you or leave it for the new owners.  If you wish to take PowerGenius with you, we can arrange to have the hardware installed in your new home at an hourly rate by one of our installation partners.  If you choose to leave PowerGenius with the home, you will need to notify us with plenty of time so that we can contact the owners to arrange terms with them and to stop your payments.  If you are moving to a home that is in another country, you may not be able to take the PowerGenius system with you as our product may not be compliant with that country’s electrical standards.

PowerGenius consists of a cloud-based software dashboard where all your energy information is accessed and displayed, and appliances can be turned on and off remotely. The minimum hardware installation is a PowerGenius Gateway and a PowerGenius Power Management Module (PMM).  The PMM is mounted in you home switch board by a registered electrician and certified PowerGenius Installer. The PMM is the device that monitors the energy in and out of the home as well as solar energy generated if installed. The Gateway to your internet router or Wifi connection point and transmits data between the system in your home and the PowerGenius Cloud. PowerGenius does not use your internet data. For automated energy management applications, one or more PowerGenius appliance controller must also be installed.  These devices can usually be installed where they are not visible.

The cost of PowerGenius varies depending on the level of control you want, and the particular set-up required for your home. One of our sales representatives or partners will need to come to your home to scope what hardware is required.  You can contact us directly to find out more about pricing or alternatively contact one of our sales and installation partners. A list can be found here

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