Smart features that may change your life

PowerGenius never stands still. We’re always working on updates and because the PowerGenius System is connected to the cloud, as PowerGenius gets smarter, your system does too through automatic updates.

Explore the features that make PowerGenius SMART
solar panel compatibility


PowerGenius works with every solar panel system. In fact it works with any source of power; mains or wind-turbine.

smart power management


Do as much or as little as you like; let PowerGenius intelligently manage how power is used in your home.

smart home appliances

SMART Living

Transform some standard appliances in your home into a SMART appliances. Upgrade your home.

solar analytics dashboard


Control and track how power is used throughout your home. Prioritise and control when appliances turn on and off.

offline power management

Always On

PowerGenius controls your home power network even when the internet is down. We really have thought of everything.

power management in the cloud

Cloud Intelligence

PowerGenius is always getting smarter. Updates, improvements, and fixes can be pushed from the cloud to your home 24/7.

easy setup power control

Easy Set-up

Qualified installers can transform your home in just a few hours. Once set-up, add new appliances as you like.

24/7 power management and monitoring

24/7 Management

PowerGenius never sleeps. Always monitoring, and learning, rest easy knowing your power management is in safe hands.

friendly support

Friendly Support

We are always on-hand to provide you with the support you need. Call us, or chat with us online; we’re here to help.