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PowerGenius automatically manages how solar power is used throughout your home, helping you maximise the return on your investment in solar. PowerGenius increases the utilisation of the solar power you generate, reducing your dependence on mains power throughout the day.

PowerGenius connects to your home electric and solar network easily through hardware fitted by one of our qualified installers. You can rest easy knowing PowerGenius is saving you money, and saving the planet.

Increase Your Solar Utilisation

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How It Works

PowerGenius smooths out how power is used in your home meaning as much as 95% of the solar power you produce you use.
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Before PowerGenius

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After PowerGenius

PowerGenius intelligently delays power hungry appliances like hot water cylinders, water pumps, and washing machines from turning on until there is spare solar power in your home network.

The Benefits

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Return On Investment

Maximise the return on your solar investment by using the power your solar panels generate intelligently. That’s smart.

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Reducing Your Power Bill

Reduce your need for expensive mains power by turning appliances on and off when solar power is available during the day.

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Being Green

Being green is easier than ever. In fact, it’s not just good for the environment, but good for your bank account too.

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You’ve already made a smart choice with Solar. Start saving more money on your monthly power bill by making another SMART choice with PowerGenius

It is now easier than ever to make your solar power investment work for you

Whether you have already invested in solar or you are thinking about making the switch, make PowerGenius part of your plan to truly make your solar system work for you.

Explore the house to discover how PowerGenius can work for you.

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Total Power Over Your Power Total With Power Genius

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Disclosure: Performance percentages are based on recorded averages and will vary from customer to customer.